2013 Summer School

Istanbul International Summer School 2013


Law on the Bosphorus – Istanbul International Summer School programme was organised by Istanbul University in association with Leiden University, Leiden Law School and Raoul Wallenberg Institute on 15th-25th August 2013 in Istanbul. The main theme was “Current Trends in Human Rights Law”.


International programme had excellent number of participants from various countries and various professions. On the last day of the programme, students made presentations on hypothetical scenarios that were assigned to them.


Apart from lectures students had the opportunity to socialise with other students from different countries; the programme encouraged social activities besides participation in formal lectures.




-Prof Dr Adem SÖZÜER (Istanbul University)

-Dr Pınar ÖLÇER (Leiden University)


-Prof Dr Ibrahim KAYA (Istanbul University)

-Dr Bahadır KILINÇ (Turkish Constitutional Court)

-Assist Prof Dr Ali Emrah BOZBAYINDIR (YeniYüzyıl University)

-Assist Prof Dr Saadet YÜKSEL (Istanbul University)

-Prof Dr Fethi GEDİKLİ (Istanbul University)

-Jasmina MAČKİĆ (Leiden University)

-Assist Prof Dr Gülay ARSLAN ÖNCÜ (Istanbul University)

-Prof Dr Titia LOENEN (Leiden University)

-Dr Liane WÖRNER (Justus Liebig University Giessen)

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